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The Coaches

About Carly:

  • Masters in Social Work from Radford University, 2013
  • BSW in Social Work from Radford University, 2011
  • Precision Nutrition Lv. 1 Certified

Carly’s journey to becoming a part of LostBoys Strength and Conditioning started much later in life than Gabriel’s. Carly was working towards her Master’s Degree in Social Work and had a dream of making a difference in the world. She had a passion for helping and empowering people to make change in themselves, which quickly became the focus in her work.

However, Carly was not a fan of eating nutritious and wholesome foods when she met Gabriel. It was when she met her now husband, Gabriel, that nutrition and lifting became a passion and another way for her to embark on creating change in the world.  With lots of learning and trial and error, Carly now loves meal planning, prepping, and effortlessly creates healthy sustaining meals for their family weekly. She ensures they are leading the life they have inspired others to embark on.

Carly now has a passion for educating others on how whole and nutritious foods can help them feel better from the inside out, literally. Changing one’s nutritional lifestyle is a difficult one to make; it can induce fear and anxiety for many along with negative self-talk. Carly is there to help the LostBoys members explore nutritional choices that suit them when they are ready to make the leap in overhauling their nutritional lifestyle. Carly has found a passion in the strength and conditioning world by empowering individuals through nutrition and advocating for more positive female conversation around body image and confidence.

About Gabriel:

  • Underground Strength and Conditioning Lv 1 & 2, 2015
  • Resident in Counseling 
  • Masters in Clinical Mental Health from Radford University, 2013
  • B.A. in Psychology w/ minor in Philosophy from University of Tennessee at Knoxville, 2010

From his first semester in graduate school, Gabriel had plans of creating LostBoys Strength & Conditioning. What he saw in the field of mental health was a lack of strength both physically and mentally. Professors, peers, and established therapists all preached wellness, sound mentality and betterment. All the while, they inhaled fast food, were very comfortable being overweight, and sought no change; hypocrisy is what Gabriel saw. Thus he knew a bridge between strength and conditioning and mental health was the key to not just being good enough or “well”, but being optimized. Five years in the making Gabriel finished his masters, and began his next leg of intense learning in the science of nutrition, strength and conditioning, until it was time he opened this doors to be another kind of coach. A physical coach, as well as a mental health coach/therapist.

Although the two are mutually exclusive for the time being, they cross paths daily: lifting stirs emotions and quells insecurities, while processing puts everything to rest.

Gabriel has built a gym and practice unlike anything else that’s ever been created. He has created a space where communities can grow together to a point past “good enough” and to a place where they are renewed then reimagined greater than they ever thought possible.