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How annoying is it to start working out, you're feeling great, you need new clothes.

Not smaller clothes because your losing weight, but bigger clothes because you're gaining muscle. So here you are, at the store in the dressing room, and not a damn thing fits. No jeans, work slacks, skirts, even my workout pants and shorts, nothing! I have been there so many times and shop at every store I can think of to find the items that fit me. The hardest part, not getting discouraged.

I love my strong thighs and big butt, but get so annoyed every time I can’t just run to the mall real quick for a pair of pants.

Even though shopping is annoying, I feel like a giant in some of my clothes. I love being strong, I love having muscles, and I love having curves. My muscles and curves make me look more feminine than being thin with no shape. So I have learned to accept my body, all my muscles, and my curves; even if I can’t fit into all the clothes I want to. Accepting yourself is the first step in not getting so mad at not fitting into clothes. So you need stretchier pants, fuller dresses and skirts, and more room in the shoulders; who cares?!

You’re strong and beautiful and can do awesome and things!

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