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Salads. They aren't so bad.

Before I met my husband I hardly ever ate vegetables,

...let alone a bowl of vegetables atop green leaves with dressing on top. Absolutely not. I have since began to eat veggies, learned how to cook them so they taste good, and which ones I like and some I still don’t (Mushrooms. Nope!). On my quest to become strong I had to learn to eat well, including eating veggies since I learned I couldn’t live on potatoes, rice, bread, and other carbs for the rest of my life.

So, along came salads.

One day while researching healthy meals for our family I came across a quote; “If you want to be healthy, you have to learn to like salads.” Now while I know this is not necessarily true, salads do help. When we have basically met our carbs for the day but are still hungry a salad has been a great go to for me and my husband. I am learning not only to eat salads, but actually enjoy them, a lot! I am still a little picky on what goes on my salad, but, I’m eating it. Salads are quick, easy, inexpensive to make, and super portable. Try some salads, get creative with the ingredients, and enjoy some healthy alternatives on your meal plans!

If you need some inspiration or ideas for salads, Wednesday will be posting our go to salad recipe for you all.