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What exactly is a diet?

The word diet has so many meanings to different people.

It can be how we eat, something we are doing to lose or gain weight, instructions from a doctor, a way to lower cholesterol or blood sugar, I could keep going. What all these have in common is they are changing your eating lifestyle; yes how we eat is part of our lifestyle. Eating defines us as humans and we have to eat to survive. How we eat is vital to how long and well we live. Your diet is what you make it.

With that being said, let’s ask the question:

What nutritional lifestyle do you want to adapt?

This is a more positive and less intimidating way to view the way we eat. Eating is a necessary part of our lifestyle. So you have to decide what type of eating you want to do. Do you want easy to prepare meals with no fuss, or meals that taste like they came from a five-star restaurant? Do you want to eat clean, "paleo", gluten free, or do those things not matter for you? The choice is totally yours! In my house we eat easy to prepare meals for lunches and more detailed meals for dinner, typically clean meals and sometimes a little paleo. My husband is always on the go so he needs meals that could be eaten in the car if he had to. For dinner I like a meal that can be enjoyed and brings something to the table for the conversation.

Need some inspiration or ideas for meals that fit you nutritional lifestyle? Check back Wednesday for a recipe from us, that we know you'll love!