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Bad Training Days

We all have them, the days we don’t want to go to the gym or once we are there can barely make lifts we usually hit with ease.

It can be mental distractions, busy schedules, don’t feel like doing what’s on the workout program, you're hungry and tired, could be anything. What helps is knowing your body and your limits,;don’t over do it before you know what you can handle. Get through the workout as best you can and move on with the day. These days can be good learning experiences for you. Did you get there and have an awesome workout or did your distractions keep you from performing like you should have. These are great moments to learn what your limits are. When life is weighing you down are you able to push out the noise and get the work done, or is this a limit for you?

Depending on the answer to that question you will know what to do next time. Also, you’ll know what to communicate to your coach for next time.

Good coaches notice if your performance is off, chances are just letting someone know you're distracted helps eliminate that distraction for an hour or so.

Communicate your needs and see what happens, you never know it could be the thing you need to focus on during the workout, and crush it!