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"They said what?!"

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas time yesterday and ate plenty of food, spent time with your families and really felt the holiday season. But unfortunately, we are one step closer to the New Year...which means, Resolutions! Check out the article below then decide if 2017 is the year you get serious about your health, then get in touch with us and prepare to CRUSH 2017.

People love to judge what they don’t understand, no matter the topic.

Same goes for working out with weights, eating healthier, and changing your lifestyle. My favorite statements I have heard are; “you’re going to get bulky”, “your legs are getting so big, maybe you should stop now”, “you haven’t had alcohol in how long?!”, “why are you doing that?” The hardest part: overcoming these negative statements when they are said. Deciding to get strong, change your life, and adapt a healthier lifestyle comes with the consequence of hearing people who are too afraid to try something new judge you for it. They judge so harshly because they know they should be doing what you're doing, but won't so they have to protect themselves by judging you.

So what do you do about this?

Get stronger, tougher, eat even better, and see results. When they see the results they will see why you did it. It’s true what they say: "first they ask why are you are doing something and then how you did it". I am now asked nutrition advice from people who judged me harshly and rudely, I'm asked for workout advice from people who said I’d get bulky if I started lifting heavy.

But I didn’t change my lifestyle so others could ask me about it or to prove them wrong, I started because I wanted to.

I wanted to be strong, feminine, and healthy. To hear all those ridiculous comments was frustrating and annoying, but I was tougher for it and am stronger physically and mentally now as well. Find your why, don’t listen to the haters, and do what you want!