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Basic Nutrition

There are so many nutrition choices out there. From clean eating and paleo, to fad diets with strict rules. How do you know what is right for you? When it comes to nutrition and how you eat only one person can tell you how to eat, yourself. So take some time to research your options, test out some recipes, look over your budget, and find what works!

You'll feel best to eat clean foods free from artificial ingredients in their natural form.

So that means buying whole vegetables either fresh or frozen, whole fruits, and quality meats (organic, grain or grass fed, no antibiotics, raised humanely). To supplement my diet I add in things like dairy products, jerky, dried fruit, and nuts. All of these things can have limited to no added sugars and no artificial ingredients and preservatives.

How does this affect our household budget?

We eat at home more. Less eating out means more money saved. An average week out of eating can cost up to $100 for two people. Eating home cooked meals 3x a day plus snacks for two? I spend about $125-150 at the grocery store each week on food. That does not include other basic household items.

For my husband and I this works because artificial ingredients make us feel crappy, perform poorly in the gym, and feel sluggish.

Eating more whole foods with little additives helps us feel healthier on a daily basis. If your diet is filled with packaged foods and added ingredients then just removing these from your diet can make a huge difference.