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On work/life balance

We recently had a discussion group on work/life balance,

and how you can successfully throw in exercise and fitness into the mix. It was a great discussion and we all learned a lot. I thought it’d be helpful to write about everything we covered to help out as many people as we can!

We started our group talking about what everyone does for a living.

A very important piece of information. If you are a trauma surgeon and want to be a world record holder, balance is going to look very different than if you are a stay at home mom with a teenager.  Next, think about the hours your job requires and what you put in; are you putting in double what is required and the only thing to show for it is is late nights and early mornings?

Secondly, we discussed what balance would look like to everyone;

if they could wake up tomorrow and have it, what would it be like. Spoiler alert: it was vastly different for everyone! What followed was a question: what habits would need to be in place to get you closer to balance? For everyone that attended the issue was getting up on the first alarm, and going to bed at a reasonable time. So do you have a habit of hitting the snooze 4 times? Or do you plan to turn the alarm off so you have 5 alarms leading up to when you know you’ll have to get up to make it to work 5 minutes late (by the way, if this is you, you are clearly planning to fail from the start. That’s a choice). 

We rounded this discussion off with reviewing our boundaries.

We talk about what boundaries are in relationship to other people, our work and our families. That inevitably lead us into a conversation of self- respect. On a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you respect yourself?

We are now able to create boundaries because we respect ourselves enough to say

“I need this time for myself to take care of myself, because if I’m feeling good about myself and I am healthy, my ability to help you goes up!”

With boundaries we talked scheduling more consistently and letting others know our schedule.  What naturally came up was, “If i’m scheduled I have no freedom”. However, we eventually agreed, that with a schedule everything can have our undivided attention for an allotted time, and because we have boundaries by which we can work/play/socialize, we inevitably make better use of that time.


In summary, it was an amazing conversation. And the biggest takeaways and implements that will make “balance” easier are the following:

  1. Envisioning what “balance” looks like to you

  2. Creating habits that put in place to succeed

  3. Creating boundaries that protect your time and the time you share