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You need a Coach like you need a Dr.

Imagine you arrive for your doctor's appointment you scheduled a week in advance. 

You show up 15 minutes early, you're signed in, all your paperwork is complete and then the door opens and you are invited to sit down at one of the chairs in the room. The nurse exchanges some chit-chat about the weather and about how you're feeling. She informs you that your doctor will be with you shortly. However, you quickly inform her you don't need to see the doctor; the doctor doesn't need to come in today, but today you are going to use all the tools and equipment already in the room and treat and diagnose yourself.

What's wrong with this picture?

You have no medical degree, you don't know how to use the equipment because you've never been trained, you feel sick but you don't know what you looking for. You don't know why you feel the way you feel and you also have no idea how to heal yourself. All the same you're going to fumble around the office sticking things in random places; checking your temperature, your blood pressure, make sure your reflexes are adequate, and then leave the appointment, go home and feel no better. Only to return the following week because you're still sick. Because surprise! You have not gotten better at all. Again the nurse calls you into the office asks you to a sit-down, exchanges some chit-chat about the weather and how you’re feeling. She then informs you the doctor will be with you shortly. Once again you let her know that you do not need to see the doctor and that you are going to continue to use the tools in the room and treat yourself. You continue to do this, you never get better and you remain sick.

Does this sound familiar at all?

If you are a member at a globo gym or go to classes too large to get any kind of individual coaching, it should. At a globo gym you walk in, look at all the equipment chose a few random machines and work at each one for an arbitrary amount of time. Not me you say! You’ve pulled a 3 week cycle from a woman’s magazine, or a muscle magazine and you have a plan. Still the months go by… God forbid years, and you've nothing to show for it. You look the same, you feel the same, there have been no changes whatsoever.

So what is a person to do?

Obviously you wouldn’t do this in a doctor's office, why a gym? Especially when they both have the potential to yield a healthier you? The excuse of expense is invalid due to the lack of the results. You pay $10 or $40 a month for a feeling of adequacy, not for results. You choose to ignore the obvious fact. You have seen no results in all the years you've been going to the gym and then tell yourself you must just have to work harder without a plan.

A good coach is like a doctor:

A good coach can lay out a progression that starts right where you are and lay the groundwork for where you want to be, not where the coach wants to be or not where some magazines say you should be. The fact remains that there are no quick fixes, there are no overnight pills to help you get strong, lean, or healthy. The fact that you've been ignoring is that it's going to take work. Hard work for an extended period of time. You have a coach because they see the big picture and the incremental steps to achieve it. They have the experience to plan well into the future for your successes and setbacks, injuries, or life in general. You will need a coach to set you up for success no matter the obstacles who see’s you for how you’re going to be.