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About the Author

When I met my husband, Gabriel, owner of LostBoys Strength & Conditioning, in August of 2013 I hardly ate a vegetable and most of my meals came from a package and were filled with preservatives. My workouts consisted of sporadic running, at home workouts to “get lean” with my five pound dumbbells. Shortly after starting to date Gabriel it was clear, I either started eating healthy or had to make separate meals for myself. Gabriel made everything with sweet potatoes and veggies and so. much. meat! Shortly after starting my weightlifting journey with him I began testing out paleo, high protein low carb, and the BadAss Body Diet. I have also experimented with what works for us and altered portions and types of food to best fit our budget and lifestyle. I quickly jumped into meal planning for more efficient meals throughout the week. Cooking every meal was too time consuming and packing every morning became frustrating and made me late for work. After a few months I was able to plan, purchase, and prep our meals within one day, sometimes just half a day. This has helped us both to feel more healthy on a regular basis and more aware of our body and how foods were affecting our training. Through weightlifting, and lifting, and then more positive food choices I have found a type of happiness. Lifting heavy helps me to feel empowered and I know the right food choices will help those numbers on the bar go up and my body look and feel better everyday.