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I hate the word skinny

it makes my skin crawl when I hear women say it. “I want to be skinny”, it just sounds dated, unrealistic, and rude. I want to be healthy, fit, in control of my body, beautiful, confident, there are so many other words that fit here. Countless articles in fashion magazines have told us over the year to do this workout and this diet and you will be “skinny”. When has any of that ever worked for anyone?! It hasn’t; it's not realistic and it’s unable to be maintained. Being “skinny” comes with sacrifice, energy levels drop and you're hangry all the time. There is another way and it starts with changing how we see ourselves. Saying “strong is the new skinny” isn’t going to help either.

It starts with changing how you see and value yourself.

Start with saying “I want to be fit, I want to be healthy, I want to be beautiful.” Then change your life to reflect those thoughts. Engage in activities that make you feel those things, get outside, be with people who bring you up, be yourself all the time. Eat in a way that makes you feel happy, but is also good for you. Eat whole foods, exercise doing what you like to do, and don’t judge yourself based on what others are doing. You will never achieve “skinny”, but you can achieve a healthy lifestyle. Society has defined what skinny means and what it look like, create your own definition with your own idea of being healthy. When you change your lifestyle and make more positive and conscious choices you feel the difference in all aspects of your life. Your skin will improve, your energy will go up, and you will be more pleasant to be around. Toss out the negative thoughts and start a new mantra, “I will be _______.”