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Top 5 Things you can do before you can afford a coach

While you're on your journey to becoming strong you may not be able to afford a coach for multiple reasons; finances, more time to research good gyms, job change or even moving towns. Below are the top 5 things you can do before you're ready to invest in yourself and get a coach.

Number one: Stop waiting for “perfect”

Perfect will never come. Period. Your situation, work schedule, child care, finances are never going to be perfect, nor will you stop being scared of failing should you try. Because of the latter "perfect" oftentimes is an excuse to procrastinate doing what you know needs to be done. So if you only have $10 a month then join the really shitty globo gym for a few months while you create a habit of taking care of yourself. SPOILER ALERT: in the beginning you don't need fancy equipment; you maybe need a few dumbbells, and you can get a lot of work done.

Number 2:  Start with the basics

Starting with the basics means squatting (or learning how to squat) doing some form of pressing (floor press, bench press, strict press) and the deadlift. Learn to do all of these movements with a good strong a flat back and a neutral spine. Also, learn how to do a push-up properly. Not one where your elbows are way out to the sides. And lastly, trying to do a pull-up (most globo gyms have an assisted pull up machine...Attack it!) Bottom line, the basics always win.

Number 3:  Progression

Start with small progressions. So if your first day you only do rep schemes like a five-by-five the next week either increase the weight by 5lbs or increase the number of sets or reps. In the beginning, always be working towards being able to do more work than the day before. The only way progress is going to happen is if you increase the stimulus. Pro tip: Record everything! Write all your weights, sets and reps down!

Number 4: Research your goal

While you're trying to get all of these habits and movements do your research into what your goal is. If you want to get strong or just capable to take care of your family, maybe you need to be “harder to kill” because you work in law enforcement or you're a firefighter, or maybe you have a history of heart disease, diabetes, and you need to live a healthy lifestyle (again, harder to kill) begin, finding other blogs, articles, books, or youtube channels that discuss this very issue. There is no limit to the great content out there just for you and your goals. Find them.

Number 5: Start planning financially

You will need to start planning to affording a coach. Eventually you will outgrow the basics in terms of just squatting, pressing and deadlifting with a single dumbbell or a barbell. It may take a while but hopefully, once the habit takes over you’ll want results faster. That’s when you seek out the experts; a coach. Because, you're going to need more stimulus to reach your goals faster. You don’t want to go alone, that’s a long time of trial and error...do you have that kind of time? Like in last weeks article we used the analogy of a doctor's office: you would never go into the doctor's office and tell them "I don't need to see the doctor today, I'm just going to go to his office" then use all of the equipment in there, diagnose and treat yourself. The same holds true for a coach.

I hope you implement these ideas, it will be slow, but nothing worth having is easy to achieve.