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Top 5 Thing You Need to be Strong

Below is a list of the top 5 things things you need to be doing to get strong, fast and jump start you life change!

Number 1: Mobility

Mobility is 100% key to your life and all of your lifts. It is going to do to help get strong in the safest positions. Mobility is important because if you cannot get into position and a full range of motion then you are going to leave a whole lot of strength on the table. A lot of mobility work on the front end is going to save you time and pain later. So if you cannot squat to depth, meaning your butt goes below your knees with knees out and heels on the floor, or, with an upright chest, mobility work on your hips and ankles is going to help you get you into a full squat. The same thing for shoulder health on the floor press and overhead press, and the same thing for the deadlift. If you can't sit back all the way with the flat back hips, chest tall in the deadlift then you going to only hurt yourself in the end but leave a lot of strength untapped.

Number 2: Squat

It is the full body lift! If you want a strong torso, upper back, lower back, abs, and strong “engine” or lower body, then you gotta squat. You need to be squatting ass to grass always. It’s going to make you super strong all the way around.

Number 3: Press

Floor press, bench press, or overhead press that is strict, meaning you don’t use any other force to help you more the bar, is going to make your upper body very strong. It is going to allow you to stabilize your upper back, and shoulders. In turn, you’ll have new strength in your chest, back, and arms.

Number 4: Deadlift

The deadlift is going to give you a super strong back and lower body. You will have a strong back to maintain your spine, it's going to blow up your glutes and hamstrings that's going to make you super stable when you run or pick anything up. It will also build great grip strength!

Number 5: Awareness

You need to be able to stay in good positions through the full range of motion so if you can drop all the way into a squat all the way in the hole and rise upright you can be aware of being safe and utilizing all the appropriate muscles. Additionally, you need to have the awareness and care for yourself to say “I'm in a bad position”, whether it is due to lack of stabilization or mobility; and how it can be adjusted or what extra work needs to be done to get you there? Once you have awareness of positions and care enough to continue working on them, you open up new windows to strength and health!

All right that's it for today those are your top 5 things that you need to become very strong fast!