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The Box Squat

Today's topic is on the box squat! The box squat is used for a number of different reasons given an athlete or individuals’ level. The two ends of the spectrum is the elite level Powerlifter and the individual who cannot yet get into a good squat position without the assistance of sitting on something.  The powerlifter will use this as a means to develop hamstring and glute strength by having the box absorb all moment going down, forcing them to generate momentum to stand back up...that’s not us. The box squat for you will be to sit on at the height appropriate to where your form breaks in an air squat. Hopefully this is at least parallel to the floor; where your legs are parallel to the floor. So if this is you then here are directions for using a box to squat with:

You’ll want to find a box that stands just below where your form breaks in an air squat, or if you can get lower place it appropriately. This way you can start squatting immediately without having to have a perfect squat form and you're still doing it in a safe manner and you’re not forcing your body passed the range of motion it is capable of. It will jump start your squatting and strength journey. All the while you can begin to look into stretches that you can do to slowly achieve a safer position.

When you're in the gym you're still squatting, getting strong and when you're out of the gym you are working on good stretches and mobility for those joints and muscles, focusing on getting your body mobile enough to get in those positions.

So, if you cannot go all the way in the bottom of a squat don’t wait for perfect form, go ahead and grab a box from the start! Then on rest days attack that mobility and stretching as hard as you did your workout and before you know it you’ll be stronger, more mobile and safer!