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The Floor press

The floor press is a variation of the bench press. If you don't know the bench press is a motion where you are lying on a bench, you bring the bar down to the top of your sternum and you press up. It’s the exercise that everyone knows and loves that works your chest but also beat people’s shoulders up quite a bit. However because it bangs up the shoulders so much I defer to the floor press. The floor press is just a bench press without the bench and do it on the floor! The range of motion is shorter but you're going to place the bar lower on the rig or stand where you can lie on the floor and still grab the bar. The range of motion is going to be shorter because the floor will stop your triceps then you press up.  You aren’t going to put a strain on your shoulders so you will keep them healthy and mobile. Not to mention given the width of the plate there is no risk of dropping the bar on yourself. The plates will stop a few inches away from your chest it you take a weight or rep scheme you’re not ready for just yet.

So if you’re the soccer mom or the 13 year old kid who doesn’t have a coach yet and is just trying to get strong then you cannot go wrong with the floor press. It'll keep you safe you'll know you're doing it right or wrong because your triceps have to be flush to the floor and then you just press up so it'll keep you safe and I'll set you up for success and health later on.  Additionally, down the road if you do have desires to do some sort of competition where the bench is involved then you can find the coach who can teach you to bench press properly, because it is very technical. But for now, you’ll develop a strong upper body, keep your shoulders healthy and keep yourself safe.