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Why lifting is for everyone...but maybe not you.


Ok, so you’ve been warned. Now here’s the hard truth: lifting, or strength and conditioning is for EVERYONE. Period. Everyone should be lifting and strength and conditioning work. Why?

Because it is important to be capable.

Capable to be able to do everything for yourself. And not get hurt, or need help. If your house is on fire, you need to be able to get out of the house without help. If you’re child is hurt while on a hike, you need to be able to carry that child to safety. If your spouse falls and can’t get up, you need to be able to lift and help them to safety if need be.

It is your responsibility to honor your gift of life, by being able to take care of yourself.

Of course there are extreme circumstance where additional help is required, but if you can’t do the basics, you’re putting other people at risk. A firefighter should not get hurt trying to save your life because you can’t get down the stairs without help, or because you can’t carry your own child.

Offended yet? Here’s more:

Lifting and strength work is hard! It requires consistency, maximal effort on great days AND shit days. Haven’t slept well? Haven’t eaten right? Have a big day at the office? It doesn't matter. You train because of days like this.

You train to be strong and capable in spite of imperfection.

And herein lies why lifting isn’t for you. 5am is too early, putting a barbell on your back is uncomfortable (because you’re not used to it), taking a shower and changing 30 min before work is too inconvenient for you. Pushing yourself to your limits, failing, learning and subsequently conquering, is too long of a road to invest in.

You and your body is the greatest investment you’ll ever make,

and the return on that investment is time, "quality time"! You can’t buy anymore time, it's the one thing they aren't making anymore of. But the investment will be earned with blood, sweat and tears. But you will be strong.


give me one negative to being strong? ...I’ll wait...