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"But I'm not ready for the barbell!" Part 1

We all know how cool the barbell is;

The squat, bench and deadlift, however, let’s be honest, not everyone can or should get under a barbell right away. If you do not possess the strength to lower yourself into the bottom of a squat and stand back up because of a weak back, hips or what have you, then you have no business adding load of any kind. A great standard would be mobility first and foremost for these movements. If it feels sketchy, it probably is. So you may need to work on mobility first, then focus on getting stronger after. Keep in mind that it is not one or the other but rather attacking these issues in tandem. It may be as easy as doing the basic movements you can perform well then supersetting (or performing two exercises/movements back to back, immediately) it with a mobility drill.

For example:

If you have hips so tight that you cannot squat deep enough a good couplet might be something like:

  • 1A) walking lunges 5 X 5ea. leg
  • 1B) archer pose (standing or kneeling) 5 X 30sec ea. leg

Or if you sit a lot to and from work, and during, then your glutes might need to open up. Then a couplet like the one below may be helpful:

  • 1A) box squats 5 X 10
  • 1B) box pigeon pose 5 X 30sec ea. leg

These types of couplets and workouts can expedite your progress to getting strong, staying strong and increasing overall life expectancy and quality of life.

We all start somewhere, and no matter how beginner, it is no excuse not to start. So get in a gym or outside and get creative with these couplets!

You may be thinking, surely there must be something else I can do to get stronger while I work on this mobility and these basic movements! You’d be right, because you know we wouldn’t leave you hanging. September 30th, we’ll be releasing our first e-book, “K.I.S.S. Program” for FREE! That’s right, 4 weeks of workouts that are simple and short, just for you. Be on the lookout!

 Couch stretch variation

Couch stretch variation