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Why I'm ashamed of my gender.

I've been noticing this trend of looking good but not performing well, as far as just being strong and capable.

We host team workouts on Saturdays that involve strength based movements while moving quickly and efficiently. We see guests come who appear strong, buff, cut; but once the workout starts things change. We see these same individuals struggle to complete the movements, begin moving slowly, and have even gotten sick. Why is this happening? They have strong looking arms, large pecs, and strong back, why can they not move with the group?

This is not an isolated incident, it happens quite often and it’s just sad. Because they are just basic things you should be able to do as a human.

They aren’t able to move heavy, or even medium weight, with speed. They lack the focus of moving fast under load or working out under pressure. There is a difference when working out alone versus with a group. Working out in a class creates healthy competition daily, while individually at the big gym you’re moving slow and have all the time in day to get your lifts done.

If you’re a general human being that is not competitive, there are basic things you should be able to do. Like squatting properly, heavily, and pulling, pushing, dragging, and carrying heavy things. And if you can’t do those basic movements, there’s a huge problem.

There are standards of stamina and strength and endurance that people just don't have anymore and their performance is saying otherwise. A way to become better at these things is to begin incorporating things like squatting, pressing, or deadlifting. Building basic strength using a barbell, kettlebells, sleds, sandbags, or dumbbells. That’s the best thing for the average man or woman, we should all be striving to be better every day so when someone says hey let’s go do “X”, you know you’ll be able to handle it safely, and efficiently...like the badass below. Get. It. Done!

You may be thinking, surely there must be something else I can do to get stronger while I work on this mobility and these basic movements! You’d be right, because you know we wouldn’t leave you hanging. Check out our last blog post which houses our, “K.I.S.S. Program”! That’s right, 4 weeks of workouts that are simple and short, just for you. ENJOY!