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You Need To Ask Better Questions

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As a coach of many sorts I am inevitably asked a multitude of questions.

Questions about all kinds of things from “What is the best diet?” to “What can I do in 15 min to workout?” to “Is this good?” Now unless the individual is asking about the new McDonald's diet, where all you eat is a Big Mac everyday for every meal, or jumping jacks for 15 minutes, the answer is always, “I don’t know”. Because I don’t know! I know what’s best for me. But if you’re asking me these types of questions it means you probably don’t know me very well, and thus I don’t know you well enough to give you an informed answer. Which is why you need to be asking better questions...and not to me, but to yourself.

Are you asking questions to have some confirmation that what you are doing is ok, when you know that it isn’t?

Or are you asking because you don’t want to take the time to search for the answer yourself. More often than not it is for these two reasons. However, when it is not, it is because you have impulsively asked someone who you think has more information than you, when instead reflecting on the question before hand may have lead to some great introspection. After enough introspection, going layers and layers deep you will eventually find your “why?” Which is THE question!

Knowing your "why" gives you a plethora of the answers you’ll ever need.

When asking “should I run 5 miles or do accessory work on my legs?”

...Well what’s your why?...

“I want to hit a 200lbs back squat, I want to be strong!”

...Ok, so is which will get you there faster…

“The accessory work”. Presto!

“Should I go out with the girls tonight?”

...What’s your why?...

“I need to lose 15lbs before my wedding, I want to feel beautiful for my wedding”

...So how does alcohol and lack of sleep affect your ability to lose weight?

“OK, I’ll stay in, and go to bed early.” BOOM!

It applies to anything!

Ok, so you’re asking me: “What if I don’t know anything about losing weight or working out?” Well, what’s your why? And if the “Why” is deep enough and real enough you’ll find the motivation to learn, AND you’ll start asking better questions of yourself and, of the experts.

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