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F*ck you confidence

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I sat across a table from an interviewer,  it would be the last job interview I would never have.

The lady began her description of the job as “...actually this job is not as described; that being solely position "A". However, it is actually a combination of position A and position B...which we have greater needs in."  I re-framed  stating “What you're telling me is this position is not a full-time position but two part-time positions in positions A and B? ... And position B  will not count towards my goals to become a licensed therapist.”  She acknowledged this statement was correct. The lady once again began her pitch towards the two part-time positions however I interrupted her and said:

“I'm not at all interested in position B not even part-time as if it is not set me up for success towards my goals.”  

She stated that she understood,  but again started her pitch  about how it would be most beneficial for her employer and they would eventually have someone that would be willing to do both. I politely let my interview know that I wholeheartedly understood the perspective of her employer, however,  given my level of education and my years of experience in position A,  taking position B would be far below my qualifications and my experience level and because of this I knew they would not be able to pay me at an appropriate rate. 

This brings me to the title of the article  and how I got into this position of having  “Fuck you confidence”.  

Gary Vanderchuk a very successful entrepreneur talks about having “Fuck you money”. He described this term as enough money that if he didn't want to do something or be involved in something he wouldn't have to because he had enough money to let it go and there would be no financial consequences.  This lead me to coin the term "Fuck you confidence" which means,  that you have confidence in yourself and your capabilities in your self-worth to be able to look people in the eyes and know your value as a human being personally and professionally. This confidence comes from a degree of self-respect knowing that if something is not a right fit for you or something does not fit with your values or personality then you can say "Fuck you" to that opportunity and to that person because you are aware of the value that you bring to others.

However, this is not reckless!

This requires a level of awareness in yourself to know what you're capable of so that when you do turn down an opportunity or an idea or a person you know with all your heart you will be able to rise above and beyond in spite of turning down whatever does not align with your enitre self.