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Top 5 Reasons Running is Bad for you. Period.

No that wasn’t clickbait. I’m 100% serious.

If you’re a runner, this should piss you off; but only because you don’t know any better. If I offend you, I hope you'll have an open mind.

#1 You don’t know how to run properly...anymore

 After so many years of school and work, and thus, sitting, your hips and muscles, shorten and in turn inhibit, your ability to achieve the gait you were mechanically designed to run with. Think "Forrest Gump" in the braces only, you have functioned like that for so long you don’t even know it’s happening.

#2 You don’t know how to rehab, prehab or take care of yourself

As Kelly Starrett, says “All humans should be able to provide basic maintenance on themselves”. Because of the zero barrier to entry into running it sets a tone that you should be able to run and not have issues, however, due to #1, they will arise. Conversely, you don’t know how to do maintenance on yourself and the injuries will compile.

#3 You won’t take the time to rehab, prehab or take care of yourself

Eventually, the injuries get so bad you surf the web for a solution, you might go see a doctor, or reach out to your local running group for solutions (spoiler alert: they’re all in the same boat, however, some may be more mentally tough than you...run anyway! You’re getting info on how to get sober from an alcoholic). You might get some great advice, or maybe solutions to the problem but they're only temporary...and running is so easy (remember, no barrier to entry), and putting that advice to use is just too much work; so one foot in front of the other... 

#4 You continue to run injured

But you love running! You love the idea of being able to push that pain out of your mind and make good times. You’re tough! You’re capable! You’re not yielding to the pain and thus, not forced to leave your circle of enabling, runner friends. SO, you continue to run.

Until you get a great idea...!

#5 Running shoe stores perpetuate your injuries

It’s not YOU that’s broken, it’s your running shoes! Duh! You’ve put 300 miles on them and they’re worn. Makes total sense, remember our hunter gather ancestors, regularly fur traded for Saucony's. “Saucaony. Est. day 1”


The running shoe market makes their millions on all different supportive shoes to fix how you run. When the only solution is for YOU to fix how you run, so you can run how our ancestors hunted their food. But this won’t work because #3, and #4.

To preempt all the keyboard warriors. I used to run (I lift now, big surprise). I ran my one, and only half-marathon in an hour and 52 minutes. 7 minutes slower than my target time; because of #1, #2, #3, and #5 (I didn’t get injured). This doesn't have to be you! Retrain your gait, look into pose running and keep running for the next 50 years. 50 YEARS?! I'm serious. There's a tribe in Mexico whose elders routinely run marathon's weekly. 

And, here’s a TEDtalk to reinfroce my argument: http://bit.ly/29qYJMv