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On being proud of the small victories

It’s the typical story for most women, we start working out, we eat better, we look in the mirror daily for results.

Then we don’t SEE them, we only feel them. But that person in the mirror barely looks different, she’s still the same. Then you go about your day and feel awesome, you’re strong, stomach isn’t upset from crappy food, your co-workers and friends are commenting on your hard work. You feel awesome! Then the next day you look in the mirror, don’t see the changes, and it starts over again.

Don’t forget to see and feel the small differences.

You didn’t eat an extra donut during the meeting, you only had one Starbucks drink as a treat on Friday. You stayed on diet everyday. You went to the gym all the days you said you would. The weights you're working with are light and you're adding more. Celebrate the small victories! For me, I celebrate the perfect form with a weight I previously barely was able to get. I can now pull a heavy sled with little effort, I’m getting closer and closer to that elusive pull up. I eat salad and like it now, I’m eating way more veggies than ever before, I’m getting creative in the kitchen. All of those are victories, no matter how small.

Celebrate each step it takes to reach your goal, enjoy the ride, and don’t sweat the hard parts!