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How gyms lie to you

There is a trend in gyms whether they are the globo gyms or the boxes where they are identifying their members and clients has "athletes".

It’s a slippery slope because it gives members a false bar (no pun intended) they should be shooting for regardless of their level and experience. Unless you’re getting paid to compete or you compete on the reg at state, national or international levels, you're not an athlete (unless of course you’re training for your first competition which you’ve registered for and are ready for).

Members that are called athletes have a false sense of what they should be doing with weights, speed and frequency which puts them in debt; a physical debt.

This physical debt needs to be paid with sleep, nutrition, and recovery that the average person is not doing. They are coming in from being a parent, working 8 hours+ a day, and not getting any sleep because their newborn has been up all week. If gym owners and coaches identify their members as athletes be aware of this false bar that is being set, then question whether or not you are working harder than you need to be eating, sleeping, and recovering. Because chances are your goal is not to compete in any sport but to be healthy for yourself and your family and you want to have fun! And you first priority for those goals is to take care of yourself so you can eventually see your goals.

 Coach watching Sadie's form. Near perfect on every rep, so members don't know how to move poorly.

Coach watching Sadie's form. Near perfect on every rep, so members don't know how to move poorly.

You cannot achieve your goals by going so hard the wheels come off and you’re too injured to maintain a health life.Period.

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