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The "Keep it Simple, Stupid" Program

There are so many questions people ask when they start their journey to strength.

Many are of those questions arise from fear of failing, fear of doing something wrong, incorrectly or getting hurt. The better question to ask may be “If I had a plan, or map, would I be as fearful?”

You aren't hanging out to dry;

here is that plan and it includes all the information you’ll need to take to eliminate your fears. You will have a detailed warm-up, mobility drills to engage in prior to workouts, followed by simple workouts that can be done in any gym or even at home! And if you haven’t made a lot of time to workout, these workouts can be done in 30 minutes, or trimmed down to less, to fit your schedule.
We hope you enjoy our first e-book, “The K.I.S.S. Program”: A 4 week long program consisting of 3 workouts a week, that can be adjusted or continued to challenge you for months to come. ENJOY!

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