LostBoys SnC


Who are the LostBoys?

LostBoys Strength & Conditioning is proud to offer the emergence and blending of mental health consciousness and strength. When my wife and I started this gym it was little more than an idea. However, through hard work typically reserved for a heavy squat day, we were able to make the idea a reality by partnering with River Rock Climbing Gym. Although there were days we were exhausted, one of us would rise the the occasion and inspire the other to continue to grind and work for our dream. 

Our dream is to build a bridge between strength and conditioning and mental health. We believe through mental health, fitness, and nutrition we as a community can surpass the standard of "good enough" and "average" that so many other gyms and mental health agencies have set the bar to achieve. We believe it is not enough to feel comfortable, but truly be optimized. In turn our members can feel great and be great for everyone they interact with in their entire lives. 

And so we constructed our manifesto for this gym, business and lifestyle that guide us daily:

We live in a time where our communities are weak. Weak physically, mentally, emotionally and communally. However, there are those that would seek to change the first and the latter; some at the expense of long term health leaving their communities strong but physically broken and spent.
It follows that our communities are only as strong as they are physically, mentally and emotionally. A pursuit to balance these three pillars and reject the attitude of “good enough” is now.
The pursuit of balance in strength thrives on abandoning apathy. In sequence, sparking those on the outside to spread this mindset into other communities, tribes, and finally, the world.
Such a paradigm shift obligates mental fortitude, unconditional positive regard for others and oneself, and patience. This will succeed with leadership that expects excellence in all realms while empathizing and respecting the individual journeys. Finally, this shift demands acting on what is best for everyone, not what is easiest.
LostBoys strives to be a companion with its members to spark change throughout their lives. We have a passion for encouraging others to find their beauty within through a pursuit of excellence spanning through fitness, nutrition, and mental health.