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We all know who Wonder Woman is, the Amazonian Princess who fights alongside Batman and Superman in comic books and now movies.

What can she mean to us as women? Strength, independence, beauty, and confidence come to mind for me. It is so easy to want to be like everyone else and not want to stand out from the crowd. With Wonder Woman’s stance, bold outfit, and power she stands out from the rest and isn’t afraid to speak up and fight for what she believes in.

As women and girls we need to get out there and be ourselves, feel strong in all that we accomplish, and be independent. 

Finding the “why” in what you do is the first place to start standing out, we all have different reasons for everything we do. Our “why” should never be because a social media told you to or it’s what the other women are doing. For me, I work out to be strong because it makes me feel empowered and strong outside of the gym as well as inside. I feel beautiful because I am strong which leads to be feeling more confident in daily life. I find myself worrying less what others think of me and more about whether or not what I’m doing brings me joy. Wonder Woman fights for what she believes in, as women we have the power to carry this on in our own lives. We can fight through being independent from others, finding beauty within ourselves, and discovering the strength and confidence that only as women we can exude.