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Recommended Resources just for you!

Hey Lostboys! Below are helpful resources, items or tools that I use or have used in the past to keep me on the top of my lifting game. None of these things may be needed now, but depending on how long you stay lifting, you may find these keeping you healthier, smarter and stronger for longer!


Converse Chuck Taylor Allstar

Why you may need it: If I ask you to take your shoes off, chances are you're wearing a shoe that forces you into poor positions in any number of movements. Well, the Chuck Taylor is a simple flat soled shoe that will give you the base you need to move as safely and efficiently as you were designed to move.

You don't need any fancy stuff fresh out the gate! And as Louie Simmons (Owner of the the "Strongest Gym in the World", Westside Barbell) "Don't have a $100 pair of shoes and a 10cent squat"...plus look at all the colors!!! 


Rumble roller

Why you may need it: Eventually I found that the traditional foam roller was getting deep enough into the muscle tissue to help me recover as fast as I wanted. In comes the "Rumble Roller"! The studs on this bad boy get in deep to all the muscle tissues without having to putt too much pressure. 

The link is for the small one I have, however, they have full length ones that are the size of the ones in the gym. You can get that one here if you'd prefer.


Double Lacrosse Ball (aka: the peanut)

Why you may need it: I always tell you all to never you the roller on your low back because there's nothing protecting your spine. That is where the Lacrosse ball comes in; however, to cut your time in half get this guy and hit either side of your spine without putting pressure on it.

If you sit as much as I sometimes do for work, my low back gets so tight and mangled, this is one of the few things that will work it out. 


"Supple Leopard"

Why you may need it: This is the book that jump started all of my understanding on mobility and how to fix it in safe, logical ways. This is the 2nd Ed. and it has way more mobility drills than the one I have.

If you want to have my understanding on mobility, why it's important and essential, this is the book for you. 


"Ready to RUn"

Why you may need it: The sequel to "Supple Leopard" all about running, mobility and recovery. If you have any desire to run distance, stay healthy why you do it for the long term (1 year+), you MUST read this book.

This book will prevent the mobility restrictions we all see when runners come and join our classes.